Tuesday, August 18, 2009

B+W Leaves

Good Morning! I finished my B+W Leaves last night. Painting is so relaxing. I do love the boldness of the black and white but now I am thinking of color.

Here is a quote from my CREATE sketchbook: " Can you hear it? Your right brain speaks to you- and guides you- in the subtle language of impulses, feelings, hunches and intuitions. " I get my ideas," said Edison, " by listening from within." - Zane Vaughn

I hope your day is a great one!


Shayne said...

if this is a painting, what paint did you use. at first I thought it was ink then maybe Indian ink and now I have nothing. please clue me in

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Shayne. It is painted using gouache. Which is opaque watercolor. You can buy it in tubes or in a palette. It is a really great medium to work with.

Shayne said...

thank you so much, never heard of gouache but now that I am reading up on it I am finding it very interesting