Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giving them wings

I haven't posted in awhile I know. My son started pre-kindergarten on Thursday. He did so great! No problems with leaving me and he even takes the bus home. I let him because it is all 4 yr. olds and we are the first stop. So he was great and I had a little bit of a hard time. It is his first time to go to school and it really feels like I was just holding a newborn and now he is off and running. Where did the last 4 yrs. go?

It is really so great to see him doing so well and I really couldn't be happier for him. It is just strange.... feels like there is just something missing when he isn't with us. I have been told that it will get easier and at some point I will look forward to him leaving the house. So we will see.

I am working on a new banner for the blog. One with apples... tis the season. Also, I am going to post a painting I did in my sketchbook tomorrow. Have you read Somerset Studios new magazine Green Craft? I went to Borders yesterday to read some of the new magazines and this one is just great. Check it out if you are interested in green crafting.

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