Monday, June 01, 2009

A new day, a new week, a new month

After some thought and being realistic about what I can and can't get done I have decided on posting on a few different topics regularly.

Color Stories: I started wanting to do this but it kinda dwindled down. I want to showcase great color. Color to me can make or break a piece of art, a sheet, anything really. So I may show a photo, painting, swatches, whatever to get the message of beautiful color across. I started making color combos in a small index card book.

Sketchbook/Works in Progress: A page or two from my sketchbook and/or what I am currently working on.

Other artists/designers that I love.

Occasionally I want to have a contest/giveaway if I can swing it.

I would also love to have a tutuorial from time to time if I think there is something that anyone would like to learn that I could possibly teach them.

Alisa mentioned showing photos of your home. Our home is a work in progress that is for sure and I don't know if I would want to share it yet. I love seeing homes of others though.

I am sure I will drop in the posts on kids and being a mom and an artist and trying to juggle it all. And of course just as in life this is all subject to change.


Kelcey said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan... It is nice to have some sort of structure so you can get everything else done too.

I love the color pallets of your work!

Dana Barbieri said...

Thanks so much Kelcey!