Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ARTIST: Abby Glassenberg

Artist Abby Glassenberg was recently featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and I just fell in love with her work. She is a mom and artist who creates soft sculptures. I love her use of color and her attention to detail. She mostly does birds but there are some other lovely creatures. This is a link to her web site and there you will find links to her blog and her etsy shop. She is also in the process of writing a book. I find her very inspiring since she is doing her work while raising her two daugthers. And I love the name of her shop and blog, While She Naps. So go check her out if you haven't found her already!


Jen B said...

I'm an admirer of Abby Glassenberg's as well. I love the elephant in the picture you posted, great mix of patterns. I didn't know she was writing a book, looking forward to checking that out!

Dana Barbieri said...

Jen- I know, love that elephant.. I want so many of her pieces. Check out her blog to read about her journey with the book.