Friday, July 17, 2009

ARTIST: Mary Englebreit

As I was cleaning my art table this morning ( my daughter is up at 5 every day) I sorted through a pile of papers and the first thing I noticed was in a rejection letter from 2004 from Gallison that the creative director was Lorena Simonvich from this post.. So Cool. It was very strange to say the least! The work really wasn't very good and the rejection certainly was in order but it was sort of strange that the connection was made... well to me it was anyway.

So, then I was led to my pile of Mary Englebreit Home Companion covers, illustrations and stories. I really miss this magazine! I was always so inspired with each issue. I love her art ( guess that is why I couldn't part with it). I was somewhat disappointed when they stopped the illustrated cover. So I hope it makes a return soon. It seems she is still doing lots of great things check out her site here.

So I chose this particular illustration since I love this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and her art. For me it is fitting today. I love it!!


Jen B said...

I miss MEHC magazine sooo much too! Love her work and I have every issue in my bookcase in the living room--close at hand to browse through when I'm looking for inspiration. Actually I have an issue from Sept. 2001 on my desk right now--timeless and always something beautiful to find inside : )

Dana Barbieri said...

Wow! Every issue? That is so great! I didn't have the space to store them all but I just ripped out things I liked. I loved when she did the artist's studio issues. I saved all of those articles. I really hope it comes back.