Sunday, October 18, 2009

ART BOOK- Page 3 Surfaces

I am feeling much better today... thankfully. I had the idea to try painting on different surfaces. I used primed canvas, unprimed canvas, kraft paper, notebook paper, cardboard, fabric, coffee filter, cross stitch fabric, handmade paper and a recycled envelope. I used my Pitt pens with the brush tip to draw shapes (above).
Added gouache.

This was really fun to work on. I liked seeing how the different surfaces took the paint. I liked how it layed out as well. Like a little collage itself.

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of lots of creating. I am right now listened the Amy Butler on CraftSanity. Love it!

This week I am going to do a color story inspired by fall of course and do an artist profile.
I also need to add some great new blogs to my side bar. In finding my blogging voice I have been of course reading lots of blogs and I have realized the ones that I really love not only show beautiful photos but also share alot of their story. So I hope to be able to do that more myself. It can be a bit scary I admit. I do want to say that I talked to my husband about me having an afternoon alone 1-2 times a month. I don't know why I felt hesitant to ask for this. Maybe the mom/wife expectations in my head. Anyway I am excited about having this time set aside just for me!


jqline said...

I am so happy your family and you are feeling better! Yay it's my fav column on your blog..your lovely art book! This 3rd page is as inspiring as the others.. i adore the color red and am looking forward to your fall color story! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Dana, I so enjoy following your explorations in your Art Book and was interested to see that you can get a close up when you click on the pictures! This project is a joy to follow!

Again, thank you for the CraftSanity tip! It's become my little treat to listen to while I pick up the groceries!

Last but not least, congratulations on your time to yourself and your creativity!