Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Please bear with me while I try things out. I am playing. Playing with fabrics, paint, paper, stitching. I have playing with the blog. Trying to learn. I haven't had much time devoted to this playing. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I want/need more time and I don't have it. Sometimes I feel lonely. Not lonely for other people. I am surrounded by someone all the time. What I am missing some days is me. So I won't dwell on it. I will take it day by day. I stopped by my local library yesterday, they have a gallery space. I picked up an application. Am I ready for an exhibit? Not even close. But I will be someday.
I made the above box frame per instructions on Maya's blog. Here is the post. Mine isn't as large. I only had a cereal box to use. I want to try and make more out of larger boxes. The art from school has been piling up. I love the way the pumpkin looks with the brown of the box. Thanks Maya for this great project.

I hope this week has been a great one for you.

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Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

What an interesting idea, the art box! And yes... playing... the process... evolving... I love to see you in it!