Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space April 1,2010

This is what is going on today in my creative space. My painting on the right of the poppies was framed by my sweet husband. I painted it a beautiful grey/blue. I love this color now. It looks wonderful with so many other colors! It is going off today to a local library show! I have shown my work there years ago and it will be fun to go back.

The painting on the left is a work in progress of ranunculus. I love this flower. I find it so interesting. So it has a bit to go but I am enjoying it so far.

We are busy getting ready for Easter at our home. Dying eggs and making sock bunnies. It is spring break and today the sun is shining. I can't wait to see the kids opening their baskets on Sunday and hunting for eggs. I am really excited!

I hope your day is filled with lots of creative joy!


Fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

Hi Dana,

love, love, LOVE your designs. I just wanted to let you know that one of your pieces was featured today on Wedding Nouveau, the new style guide for intercultural brides and multi ethnic weddings.

Happy Spring.

AG Ambroult said...

Dana your work in progress is beautiful. I love what's happening with those colors. I find myself being drawn to the places of high contrast, like in the center of the flower. And yes! that blue-gray color of the frame is great.

C a r i s s a said...

Dana, these are so soft and pretty! I love the frame too. I am filled with creative joy today - because of you! After seeing your link to Dream Boogie i went for a look, and on a whim I jumped on the boogie train! I just signed up for the course today and I'm insanely excited! It is truly a dream come true. I'm glad we've met! Are you attending too?

With Love,

Kate England said...

Congratulations on your exhibition at the library! How thrilling! I'm also enjoying your process, and now your new piece with the ranunculus! Hope you have a great weekend!

Louise Gale said...

Dana, so excited for you. Loving the colours you are using so much and the images are gorgeous. Have a fabulous Easter weekend xx

Fruitful Fusion said...

They're beautiful!!!