Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A new teleclass

You know I am a big fan of SARK.  Starting April 14, 2010
SARK is presenting her very first live teleclass series, called Dream Boogie with SARK: Dancing Your Way from DREAming to DOing!
So if you are a dreamer check it out! 


AG Ambroult said...

thanks! I can always use a little nudge to get from dreaming to doing. :)

Kolleen said...

thank you SARK and will definitely be checking this out!!!

hope you are having a wonderfful Wednesday!!


Kate England said...

So glad you've found a path that works for you! :)

C a r i s s a said...

!!! Thank you for posting this. Funny coincidence - I literally just did a post (on my blog) and used a picture of myself napping with Sark's "Make Your Creative Dreams Real" book! Perhaps a sign I need to look into this course! I love Sark so much too. She helped me wake from a deep slumber. I'm off to check out the course, thank you so much!