Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Doesn't this book sound great? In case you are anything like me and often worry about it all you may be interested in it. I didn't buy it but I did print this out. I just love it.

We have decked the halls and the excitement is building around here. Seeing it all through my kids eyes is the best gift of all.

I hope you are enjoying  your week.



jacqueline said...

Oh dana, this is soo cool! Yep im one of those that often worry about it all. I will have to check this out at the local book shop here! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy lovely merry week sweet friend! Love to you!

ps: i hope you share some of your christmas decorations here with us. :)

Mousy Brown said...

Sounds great - I think I fall into the category of person who would appreciate a book like that! Glad you are having such a magical time Em xx

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Oh yes so lovely having the kids be all excited for the next few weeks. That books looks brilliant! Happy Holidays... i *love* Christmas.xx

AG Ambroult said...

ohmygoodness it is as if that book was written for me. Or maybe there are more people out there whose houses look like mine--full of clutter, kids stuff and stacks of randomness. thanks for the link, you always have such interesting stuff to share!

Faith said...

I love this image and quote, I will definitely check out this book! xo