Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye + Hello

Bye 2010

Looking back on the photos saved on my  hard drive I can hardly believe this year has passed by so quickly!

Celebrating and reflecting today with just less then 9 hrs. to go until 2011 arrives here in NY. Some highlights from 2010...

being published twice, kindergarten, declaring, painting, creating, connecting, nyc, playing, new kitty, lots of snow, crochet, flowers, flowers, flowers

Looking forward to what 2011 will hold.

Happy New Years!!

Here is a little video of my kids sliding into the new year.


AG Ambroult said...

ah! they are so darn cute. Happy New Year, Dana :)

Carissa Paige said...

So beautiful Dana.... I have loved to follow all your blooming painterly goodness this year. Always a pleasure for my eyes. Cheers to the new year and to all the beauty filled goodness ahead.

xo, Carissa

Mousy Brown said...

Beautiful photo's Dana! Happy 2011 xx

Wini said...

Happy New Year Dana!! I love how you put together a 2010 collage. And your kids are so cute too. wishing you a creatively fulfilling and successful 2011! xo

HRushtonArt said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Love your sledding video. I took my kids sledding too. Fun times!
Love your photo collage too.

belinda marshall said...

very cute ~ if you see that it's been played lots of times, it was my kids watching it five of those times!!
happy new year Dana :)