Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flowers that my kids "surprised" me with
On 1/20 I turned 38. In the past I was never the type to tell you that "It's my birthday" and I am kinda still not but I have gotten much better about CELEBRATING it. I think it comes from getting older. I know you would think why be happy about getting older? Well, that is just it. I am still here, getting older. CELEBRATE IT!

One of my favorite cards
There were cake, presents, singing, hugs and kisses (the best). I am grateful for it all.

I was given a book. Art from Intuition. It is filled with so MANY fun exercises. A chance to get child like and remember what it was like to be free in your art. I did the above automatic drawing after looking through the book. I can't wait to delve into the book deeper. There are many exercises to do with the kids too. I also picked up this one, and this one which look equally as fun.

The Big Dreams, Small Wonders class is on the last week. I haven't caught up with the exercises just yet but I did manage to add to/finish my vision board for 2011 and beyond. Louise has many, many tools about bringing dreams to fruition and doing it with a sound mind and body. It has been great.

And last but not least Monday 1/31 starts Get Your Paint On. Super excited! Maybe I will see you there.


nacherluver said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!

Kim Hambric said...

Happy Birthday! I do think that every birthday should be a grand celebration, shared with loved ones. Now I'm off to investigate the Art from Intuition book.

AG Ambroult said...

you are the master resource for great creative book! thanks for always sharing them with us. Glad you are embracing the "celebration." you certainly deserve to be celebrated :)

(hurrah for the class! Do share as you go along!)

Alita said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh and that collage is very inspiring. I hope the visuals help in achieving some of your goals.

Concetta said...

Happy happy happy birthday dear Dana. Enjoy ALL the wonderful things you are doing and the year ahead. cxx

Regina said...

Happy Birthday!!! We have the same birthday! One year apart.

I'm the same way about my birthday. I don't like telling real people. I spent the whole day at work and only a few people knew (less if it weren't for stupid facebook.) But, I guess it does get easier to celebrate as you get older. I'm definitely celebrating my 40th.

Beth Nicholls said...

A belated happy birthday Dana! Looks like your 2011 is going to be FUN!!

Wini said...

Happy Birthday Dana and wishing you a wildly creative and successful year!! I LOVE your inspiring vision board! See you in class!!!