Friday, January 28, 2011


Can you believe how many awesome e-courses are out there? Really. I am drooling to take so many.... IF there were buckets of money and time floating around these would be the ones I would take


sketchbook delight

CREATIVE COURAGE with Stephanie Levy

do what you love:the e-course with beth nicholls

And I know there are tons more. What ones are you taking or would you if you could?

Plus, if I could I would love to have some redesigning around this virtual space with these ladies.
freckled nest

I think I better post these to my vision board. :)

And mentioning blogs.... I was super excited to receive this in the mail the other day...

My banner in the newest issue of Artful Blogging!! Woo Hoo! So thankful to among such beautiful creations!

I am actually now working on a new banner. Something more spring like. With all the snow that is falling here (right now actually) lately (oh, every two days or so) I need a bit of spring. Even if only in a blog banner. :)


Jenny said...

Oooh LOVE your new banner! Definitely
dreaming of spring too! I know what you mean about many amazing ones to do and so little time :)

Faith said...

Congratulations on the Artful blogging feature! Your new banner is lovely as well, making me long for spring. I agree, there are so many e-courses that I long to take. Right now I am taking the Dream Lab course over at Mondo Beyondo, with Brene Brown, its pretty awesome! xo

AG Ambroult said...

Oh my gosh, creative courage and sketchbook slight look like such great courses! Really, they all do.

I am so happy for you and your featured blog banner! And i love the new one, too :) Spring has arrived (well, at Dana Barbieri, anyway)

Concetta said...

Oh my, a solution to the design conundrum on the horizon thanks to you! Thank you! And its so funny, before reading this, I was wondering about reading more about other e-courses and here we are!

Wini said...

Hi Dana, thanks for sharing these e-classes. They all look fantastic!!! Congrats on your featured banner... yay!! I absolutely LOVE your new banner too!!!

jacqueline said...

Dearest dana, these are awesome e-courses! I would love to take all of them if i have the money and time. :) Thanks so much for sharing!
Yipeee and hoooray to your featured blog banner!! I am loving this new one too!!
Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Juliette Crane said...

got home from vacation to find my issue of artful blogging in the post! and am so honored to have my banner featured right there with beautiful and always inspiring!

congratulations! i'm doing a little blog post on it today...


ps. loving all of these e-courses too! so many to choose from!

Amelia said...

well done you! (again) Looks great. By the way I still need to answer your question about what surfaces were used (you asked in a comment), but wasn't quite clear about which surfaces you were referring to? So do email me and I will endeavour to answer you!

Happy making - looking v. exciting and vibrant over here :)


sharon said...

Congratulations on getting your banner posted in Somerset. Love the post of e-courses. I took an online sewing course from Freckled Nest and it was awesome! Looking forward to seeing your work over in the GYPO group.