Sunday, May 15, 2011


With some mixed emotions I have switched to blogging at my wordpress site.
I have read and been told all about keeping your home all under one roof. I mentioned I was considering it, feeling a bit sentimental and nervous and then blogger went bust for a bit so I decided why not now? And now it is. I set it up so that if you were a follower here you are still one, now just at the new site. I believe if were subscribed in a reader you may have to re-subscribe. I am not totally sure though.

All of the old posts are on the new site and things may be a bit wonky with things but it will get better.

I am doing things bit by bit.

I really hope to see at my new home. Bye, Bye Blogger. :(


nacherluver said...

Oh shoot. Another one. I'm glad I will be an automatic follower as I love your blog but don't know any other way to follow typepad blogs other than rss feed and I am rather bad at keeping up that way. I count on my blogger dashboard to keep me updated. I do enjoy your art and words so I will do my best. Good luck! Off to follow your new link now.

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Hi hon, YAY join the wordpress gang. How did you transfer the followship? Would love to know. :-) Xxx