Saturday, May 14, 2011

this and that

This post may take me all day to write which sometimes they do. It is 7 a.m. and little noises are coming from my daughter. This is late for her. Nearly another week has gone by. Whew! It has been a swirl of: an anniversary (11 years :)), Mother's Day (happy one to you mama's), t-ball, pre-k registration and PAINTING!

Painting from a photo by Leslie from A Creative Mint
I have been doing more one hour pieces, and lately they have been uh, not so great. BUT I am happy that I am painting consistently. Just DO THE WORK. This seems to be it.

In reference to the top photo and the question on my mind... ARTISTIC STYLE. I feel drawn to paint in many ways, many mediums, many subjects. I like nature, city influences, patterns, country/cottage,homey. I look at the top photo and see a commonality in perhaps the color and paint application. I often wonder how well known artists crank out the same, same and stay inspired. And yet I know these artists are known for their particular thing... Kelly Rae Roberts for girls and words of hope,  Marisa of Creative Thursday for her little characters, Geninne for her watercolor birds. And they are successful and their is art gorgeous. I wonder if their is a trade off between success and creative freedom?

Other things swirling, reading, loving....

*I have recently read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  Please get this if you ever deal with creative blocks. O.K. so everyone get it. :) He has a new book that I just began Do The Work, you can download it for free!

*Art and Soul Radio. I love, love, love listening to these shows! Yes, I think I am a bit addicted. I download them and listen as I am cooking dinner, walking, painting. I have learned so many things from each and every one!

*I am going to open an art shop soon, should I go to Etsy or Big Cartel?

And just to mention, this post was the last saved version I had before Blogger bit the dust for a bit so I don't remember how this post ended. :)

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.


Mousy Brown said...

So much to think about and so much creativity too...I am just coming to the end of my day over here and the cogs of my brain aren't operating quick enough to come up with anything smart or inspirational in response but I wanted you to know I had visited and I am thinking along side you xx

nacherluver said...

Wow! You've really been working hard! Your paintings are lovely. I love your style.
I'm going to hang around to see what the responses are (Etsy vs Big Cartel). So many on Etsy you can get lost. Big Cartel seems better with a monthly fee as long as you're selling enough to cover the fee. I'm on Etsy but bad at keeping my shop up. I was lost in the shuffle from the get-go and kinda felt defeated due to it. Then again, word of mouth, other advertising for your Etsy store etc... and you can do very well! They're both good and for different reasons. I know. I'm no help. That's why I want to see what others say. ;)
No matter which way you decide I wish you much success.

Concetta said...

Yup, the eternal dilemma of having it all in one house. If it helps, I am still deliberating! I know what you mean about 'style' versus freedom. I don't want to get boxed in - want to have lots of styles! But I guess your hand and voice always shows through?

AG Ambroult said...

mmm so much here. Pre-k registration (yay!), Happy anniversary and belated mother's day to you!

As for your style, I love that top picture. Seeing all those paintings together--yes, there most definitely IS a something that ties them all together. I don't think you have anything to worry about in that department.

Because of you, I now listen to art soul radio, too :)
A new art exciting. I couldn't say etsy vs big cartel because I know nothing of the latter.

about the blog, I am right there with you! my new site is almost complete (woo hoo!) and currently the "blog" page just links to blogger because I am scared! I imported it, but it only half worked. hmm. I hope you get some answers here so I can read them too!

aimee said...

oh, i love these, dana! especially grouped together they look fantastic!

Wini said...

Hi Dana, I LOVE your art grouped as a collection!! They are so beautiful and colourful!!! And I'm so excited to hear that you'll be opening a shop. I think its great to explore many mediums and subjects as part of the journey. I guess that if you become known for a particular style, then you might find yourself catering to the market. But if you achieve recognition & success, & people love that style, maybe that's a motivator? Perhaps each artist needs to find a balance that works for them? Thanks for the links! I'm going to check them out. Wini xo

Concetta said...

Ha ha and I remember commenting but can't remember what I said!! Glad its all back to normal and thanks for the art radio link - gonna see if I can get her in the UK. xx

Kristin said...

What a beautiful post! And I LOVE the pieces as a whole - they are really striking. Wonderful work. And great question about creative freedom too - I have often wondered that myself, xo

Kim Y. said...

Love this collection of fresh and fun paintings! I too like to create in different styles and mediums. I get a bit envious of artists who seem to have honed in on one style that works well for them and are successful at it! Your work is lovely and good luck with your Etsy vs. Big Cartel decision. Wish I had some input on that. Looking forward to seeing your new storefront :) Good luck!