Friday, March 06, 2009

Being a mom and an artist

If you are a mom or a dad for that matter and you are an artist you know there can be little time to create. We have a second table in our dining room that I use to make things on. No, we don't have big dining room at all and I am kinda embarrassed to say that this extra table was used for Thanksgiving. We borrowed from my sister in law. I just sort of took it over after that. I love/hate that I always have it covered with stuff that I am working on but if my kids are playing nearby or if I have a brief second I like to be able to look at what I am working on, even if it is just a glance. I then may get some other ideas or a chance to implement them. So sometimes it drives me crazy to see piles of things laying around but it works for the moment. We do have another room that I have lots of crafty stuff in but it isn't always convenient with my two little ones. I did clear this table off so recently so my husband could return the table. He didn't do it fast enough so I just slowly started spreading out again.

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