Thursday, February 11, 2010


This week has been a bit topsy turvy.

A stomach bug, a mouse in the house, a hospital trip, 2 drs. visits, a couple of snow days and a birthday.

I am hoping we are back to "normal". And thankfully the mouse has been caught!

I know those things aren't inspiring but this post from Wini of ARTLOVEJOY was. She did a great post on Kim Parker. I believe I have heard of her but not to this extent. She has a book for 2 bucks!! So I had to get it of course! She sparked something in me. Maybe it is her dealings in textiles, her color sense, her loose and beautiful flowers. Maybe it was all of that and more. She got me excited. So I ordered some paint. Acrylic. I have some but not enough and mine are very old. It has been so long since I painted in acrylics. I started with acrylics way back in high school and I can't wait to try again. I am having trying to decide if I want to just buy a pre-made canvas or stretch my own. I really enjoy stretching my own and I think it is more economical then pre-made canvases. So I think I will order the gesso, stretcher bars and canvas. I am going to create a piece for our home.

The photo above is a page from my ART BOOK. It is just a bit of play with stamping with erasers using gouache and ink. Be back soon!


Mika said...

Love your art book and hope next week is better. Mika (

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Always so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your art book!

AG Ambroult said...

stretch your own. I always felt a little more connected to the work I did on canvases I stretched myself. It's part of the process. Then again, last time I did it was well before I had factoring that in, you may come up with a different decision :)

Wini said...

Hi Dana, I love the mark making in your journal. I love the pattern created when a shape is repeated but the texture of each is different. It looks so dynamic!!

Thank you so much for the shout out, and I'm so glad that Kim Parker has inspired you to paint, that's wonderful! She inspired me too and I've just started oil painting classes! And wow, $2.00...what a bargain! I paid about $40.00AUD.

Dana, I feel so touched by this post & am looking forward to seeing your painting!!

Get well soon!
(Sorry I deleted my previous post as I noticed it had some errors)