Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scrappy Collage

This week and next are a bit busy. Lots of pleasant things and a couple unpleasant. It is o.k. though.Everyone has a life filled with ups and downs, and mine is no exception.

So I had the feeling that I wanted to play. I made a scrappy collage. I have LOTS of scraps. And for some reason I can't through them away. I played around with them, glued them down. I wanted to try and sew them so they would stay more textural but I didn't. Maybe I will for the next one. I bought some acrylic ink. Still not sure about it. I want to order some Shiva Paintstiks. Kelly Rae demonstrates them in her book. They look like alot of fun to play with. I think I need a night to just play. Couldn't we all just use a night for this?

So I just saw this you tube video,mom 2.0:defining a movement. If you are a mom or know a mom. Watch it! It is really great! I saw this on wishstudio. I really love this blog!

Also, I started a page in my ART BOOK. It has been so long but I am feeling like I want to play so this is a great place to. I hope to share soon.

I just found this site, Art Wall Online. Did you already know about it? It looks so great. Go check it out. I may have to add this to my vision board.


jacqueline said...

Dear Dana, i hope you are having a wonderful week so far. So happy that i finally found some time to visit you here! Oh my i adore your new banner and the colors are sooo gorgeous! I am also wanting to make scrappy collage from all the scraps i collected so far. Thanks for all the wonderful links. Lots of love to you!

Louise Gale said...

hi Dana, some great links and so glad you are back to your artbook, cant wait to see more of that too. So just give yourself permission to play play play and lots of wonderful things will emerge im sure of it. :-)

I came across the Art Wall Online a few weeks ago, love it, so we should make a goal to get ourselves on there onday. I just got the latest copy of artful blogging so am heads down into that at the moment!

Enjoy the rest of the week

Emily Perry said...

Thank you for your visit! And man, do i love your site:: you love all the things I love! I would love to hear about the shiva sticks if you get them:: i have yet to play with them. I like the ranger inks (mentioned in kelly's book) when i work on paper, but i have a hard time with them on canvas: they bleed and never dry! do you like the acrylic ink? xo

Regina said...

Love, love, love your collage. It's so great that you keep and are able to use your scraps.

I bought some shiva paintstiks after getting Kelly's book. They are really fun to play with. I should play with them more often.

Thanks for all the great links too. Art wall looks so interesting and I LOVE that video.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

I hope your unsettling thing works out for the better!

Thanks for this inspiring post, interesting links and thoughts! I'm going to buy the books you recommended in a previous post, Taking Flight and Living the Creative Life. Very exciting.

Wini said...

Dear Dana, I love the fact that you're working on creative activities all the time, its just so inspiring! Great to hear that you have an art diary. Art Wall is such great concept! Have you seen Supermarket Sarah, where Sarah puts things on her wall & you click on the item to buy it? It was featured in decor8 recently. Its so cool!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Dana, i've been busy too with chinese new year and valentine's preparation. But im so happy i found time to stop by here to see how you are doing. I hope all its good and that you are well! Missing you. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a sweet valentine's! Love to yoU!