Saturday, February 27, 2010


Two storms here in the northeast US brought us about 2 ft. of snow (some places had as much as 50") and a total of 17 hrs. of electricity since Tuesday night. There were lots of broken tree limbs and fallen trees. We were forced to disconnect. In many ways it was hard, in many other ways good.
Neighbors pulled together helping each other as much as they could. There was lots of focused family time. Reading by flashlight. Taking photos. Listening to a battery run radio. Singing. Eating by candlelight. My husband spent many hours digging us out and setting up a generator. So thankfully we had heat and hot water and refrigerated food. We are so thankful to be fully restored. All of the utility workers worked (are working) so hard to get everyone running again. I am feeling extra grateful today for all of the blessings we have been given. And so happy to have my coffee maker working again. :)


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Although the beauty of the snow in your photos is stunning, I understand how cut off one feels, what an entirely different life it is without electricity! Glad to hear you've got it back!

Kolleen said...

happy to hear you are "connected" again...however, i loved hearing about how your being disconnected was good in some ways. reading by flashlight and eating by candlelight actually sound quite nice!!!

hoping you see some relief soon from all the white stuff!!!

happy happy Sunday!

AG Ambroult said...

I always enjoy losing power of a while, for all those reasons you mentioned. But having zero power for a few days, not so fun. Horray for husbands who set up generators! glad you're back. Also glad I got that storm in the form of rain.