Thursday, March 04, 2010



All of my supplies I need to start stretching the canvas and painting have arrived!
My husband is going to pick up my easel from my parents house this weekend. I may just end up using a table top one. It may be easier. Today I asked my mom for some of my first acrylic paintings from high school. They were pretty neat to see after all of these years. I will share them soon.


Before the storm I borrowed a few books from the library on painting. I have been practicing techniques in my art book. I will share those soon too.

I am really, really loving the art created by Line Juhl Hansen. I love her blog and her new site. Her studio and home were recently featured on Decor8. Truly lovely and inspiring!! Here is the link to the Decor8 piece. Please check it out and tell me how much you would love to create in that space??

And talented artist Louise Gale is having a solo show that opens tonight in NYC at the Klimat showing her new art series, Grey life or Green life? Check this blog post to read more and see her video she made while creating one of her favorite pieces from the show! It is a great video and a great piece of art.


Wini said...

Fantastic Dana, I'm so excited for you and feel happy to follow your creative journey! Your images made me smile as I've also started painting, but in oils, and also bought a tub of gesso, some little brushes, and a few books. Thanks for sharing about Line and Louise too. Louise's video is fabulous! :)

Shona Cole said...

that is great. I have that one creative paint workshop, it is chock full of great ideas. I hope you post what you do soon! thanks for those links, will be checking the out.


Shona Cole said...

oh, I added you to my bloglist, that is the easiest way for me to keep up :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest dana, this is really fantastic! I am soo soo happy and excited! I am also just starting to learn to paint! Bought me a set of Cotman Watercolors in tube, ceremic palette, a few brushes and a book. Fun! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Louise Gale said...

ooooh I CANT WAIT to see what you create! I'm so excited. i just love the way you photograph so your paintings are going to be wonderful.... once you get started lets make a plan for a visit - i would love to do a collaboration piece with you?..but mainly to chat for hours about art would be a heavenly day. :-) Thanks soo much for mentioning my show and was a great success, such a lovely evening and I just wish my virtual friends could of been there too. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie. xx

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

I'm so happy for everything your creative self is going through just now!

Lila said...

Hello Dana!

what a cool studio she has...
I did not know her work but this is very interesting!
I have not painted in ages...and i do have my easel not so far... But I am "blocked" right now...
Happy to see that you are on a great creative journey!
Safe travel ;)

Dana Barbieri said...

Wini- Oils are wonderful! I hope you are enjoying your class! Thanks for your support!

Shona-Thanks so much for adding me to your list!! So excited! I am going to add your book to my side bar as soon as I remember how to do it!

Jacqueline- That is so great that you are starting to learn watercolor. I also paint in watercolor. It has been awhile but it is enjoyable! Good Luck!

Louise- I am so happy that your opening was such a success! I would love to get together soon! We will have to chat! A collaboration would be fantastic!

Kate-Thanks so much for your kind words. It means alot!

Lila- I am sorry your are blocked now! I know it will pass soon! We have all been there!

AG Ambroult said...

you've got some good books, there.
and yes, I do think we'd all be Rembrandts if we had a studio like the one you linked to. My studio is in my basement, and light is scarce. Not good for the creative juices.
The gathering of art supplies in anticipation of a new project is a great feeling, isn't it?