Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Photo taken last spring

For YOU, as well as myself.

*If you are striving, just for today stop.
*If you feel less than, just know you are enough.
*If you are stressed, just let go.
*If you made a mistake, just forgive yourself.
*If you feel lonely, just know you are not alone.
*If you feel helpless, just know you are doing all you can.
*If you feel uninspired, just know it will pass.
*If you feel outdated, just....well, I am not sure about this one.


***Please stop by HEARTWINGSISTERS and offer a kind word or prayer, a family member is missing.

***Concetta from Glittering Shards is going to run a race to raise money for children. Read more here.


Kolleen said...

thank you SO much dana...you are so sweet and i absolutely love your post today!!! it brought a piece of calm to me and i am grateful for that!


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

This is so beautiful and uplifting!

Louise Gale said...

Oh dana, this is a lovely post thank you and i adore that photo of blossom...come on Spring i know you are around that corner. :-) Feels like we havent chatted for ages....hope all is well, im playing catch up... i feel out of the loop....speak soon xxx

AG Ambroult said...

Dana, did you write that? it's beautiful. And it's 'just' what I needed. 'Cause I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately. it will pass.

now, about that outdated one...

Wini said...

This is really lovely Dana! Thank you for sharing this image & verse. It helped me relax.