Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Google Images

I did search for something today using google images. I have used it before but it didn't look like this. Now it displays your results in this beautiful gallery format. This is where I found the art of Paul Villinski..
He makes installation art with BEER CANS he finds on the streets on NYC. His p9eces with butterflies are of course my favorite!

From his site, which is equally as gorgeous as his art:

Who leaves these crushed beer cans – forlorn evidence scattered in the streets of the city? I take these “dead soldiers” – every one of them once raised to someone’s lips – and breathe new life into them, changing them into images that suggest the possibility of change itself. A kind of conceptual unity develops between materials, process and imagery: my practice in the studio mimics the act of transformation that butterflies symbolize everywhere, in all cultures.
Paul Villinski Home Page

More from his site:

birds and butterflies
These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies.

LOVE this one!

This one too!!
 So if you have a second do a search using Google Images. You never know what you may find that may delight and inspire you!



Mandy Saile said...

oh the butterflies are beautiful...thanks for showing us. I haven't used google image search in awhile..I am off to check it out:D

lori said...

that is so beautiful!!!!

Maegan Beishline said...

Oh my gosh...these are gorgeous! What a great find! Thanks for sharing!


oh wow how amazing! Thanks for sharing I'll never look at another can the same way again ♥

jacqueline said...

WOW these are gorgeous!! I am sooo in love with the butetrflies! Such a great find sweet dana and thanks so much for sharing!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Wini said...

This is really awesome Dana, what a great find!! Hard to believe its made of beer cans. Very clever and creative :))