Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A List

I thought I would write a list today. I hope you don't mind.

* Halloween was great. See a pic of my kiddies in their costumes here.
* I know it is only November 3 but I am REALLY getting excited about the holidays.
* I am making almost all Christmas gifts this year and they are all in various states. Super hero capes, crocheted scarves (I am really getting addicted), pincushions, embroidery AND I am trying to complete them all by 12/1. Hmmm....
* So due to the above lofty goal I may be a bit sparse with posting here.
* I am awaiting some new Art Biz Mama answers. I can't wait!
* My wreaths are going to be published in a new gift guide!!
* I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen yesterday and it made the day so much lighter. It is amazing what a super clean room can do.
* If you have a link to handmade gift ideas please share.
* I really wish I could participate in Louise's holiday creative color challenge ornament swap but I think I already have a full plate. If you want to participate head here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I am off to do the blog hop.


Jennifer Snellings said...

Hi Dana!

You are getting so much done!!! How are you doing it all...tell me your secrets!! :) I too am so excited about the holidays. I've already had to talk myself out of getting out the Christmas music!! I love the idea of all handmade gifts! I need to find some neat ideas and get creating myself! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

Take care,

Jenny said...

What a super woman/mumma you are :) LOVE the halloween costumes and the smiley faces. Gorgeous!!

Gumnut said...

A list in return :D

- Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!
- You crochet? Me too! I'm a scarf/throw rug hooky fiend.
- I haven't forgotten you! It's half written. Art Every Day Month is eating more than I expected.
- I love your wreaths! And I was thinking about them when I created my first mandala the other day.
- clean rooms are something I used to have.
- handmade gifts - crochet - have you checked out's pattern library? Lots of drool worthy stuff there, though likely time consuming.
- I'd love to participate in the ornament swap, too, but yeah, same thing here, I'm pretty, much fully booked.

I hope you're having a great week, too.

(I wanna do everything)

AG Ambroult said...

WHat gift guide are your wreaths being published in? Share so we can see them in all their glory :)
lists are good. I make about 5 every day.

Faith said...

It is hard to put into words how impressed I am that you are making ALL of your gifts by hand. I am wowed beyond belief, and I do hope that you post pictures for us here, I would love to see what you are making and for whom (although I'm sure you can't reveal too much so as not to ruin the surprise!).
I am also getting very excited for the holidays. I've been wondering if it is too early to start listening to my favorite holiday music. Maybe just in the studio ;)

Mousy Brown said...

What a great list - I especially love the look of what you are making there - enjoy it all! :D

Kate England said...

Your kids are soooo cute in their halloween costumes! I'm starting to long for Christmas too. Congratulations on having your wreaths published in a new gift guide!

Concetta said...

That is a great list (I love lists!) and that crochet is so inviting. Sorry I have been so quiet, my exhibition is 3 weeks away and I am just about not sinking. xx

Hello Sandwich said...

I'd love to feature you in my new zine about gift wrapping. Are you able to contact me on with the best email address for you?

Hello Sandwich said...

I would love to feature you in my latest zine Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine. Are you able to contact me on with the best email for you so I can send you some more information?
Thank you very much.
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Wini said...

Hi Dana, sounds like you're keeping busy! Congrats on your wreaths being published in a guide! I can't believe that Xmas will be here soon. Have you seen the new Gifted mag by Creature Comforts Blog? It includes some handmade ideas :) Wini xo

Amanda Trought said...

Hey Dana, great to be here, I love making lists - I get much more done, and there is still so much to do! I too had decided this year that I would give handmade gifts this year, better get off and start! Stay blessed:) Amanda