Friday, September 17, 2010

Custom Wreaths

The holidays are really just right around the corner.  I have decided to take custom wreath orders for the holidays. All wreaths are original creations. I use assorted papers that I paint or leave as is to cut and sculpt each flower. What is great about these wreaths is that you can leave them up all year if you wish. You can hang them on your wall or your door. I currently have the blue/yellow/white on my door.

The wreaths are approximately 14" in diameter. This size sell for $50.  If you are looking for specific size or color I will be happy to work with you. Here is a link to two large custom wreaths I created last year for a company holiday party.

If you are interested in ordering one please contact me at



Elizabeth said...

Dana, how cool are those Wreaths! I would like to see the possibilities for Christmas! For sure I want one for me. I'll stay in touch!

Happy weekend!

AG Ambroult said...

Fantastic idea, Dana! I hope this brings lots of orders your way.

chrissy said...

dana...these are BEAUTIFUL! i am off to see your bigger ones right now...but first...thank you so much for the quote by marianne williamson. how did you know i NEEDED that? it was so sweet of you to take the time to type it out for me. i am going to copy it and read it every day!
happy weekend friend.

aimee said...

hi, dana - i arrived here via amy ambroult and i'm so glad i did! your wreaths are stunning and i love your blog - putting you in my google reader right now! have a great weekend - aimee

Faith said...

My heart started racing the minute I saw these delicious pictures! Your wreaths are gorgeous and I can't even decided which color scheme I like best! Beautiful work!!! If you'd be interested I'd love to do a barter/trade for one, if you are interested in any of my work?!?

Thanks so much for your comments about my painting, Everything is Beautiful, that one is close to my heart. I will have to check out the Craft podcasts that you mentioned. I love to listen to podcasts while I am working in the studio, something about it sets my mind free. If you remember could you send me the link?
Thanks! xo