Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space

It has looked like this for a few days. This weeks assignment is COLOR. Love it but haven't painted a thing yet. Little guy has what seems to be the flu now. :( So it may be like this for a bit longer.

This was on my Yogi tea last night. Love it. Just what I needed and of course perfect as Strength is my word.

Getting really inspired by this vintage crochet throw. It is making me so happy to look at.

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Concetta said...

Oh wish the little man better soon. And love the throw - do you know who made it? x

Alita said...

I am envious of your creative space. I miss mine and I can't wait until this sale is over so we can move. LOVE the afghan.

Faith said...

I had the flu this week, no fun, I hope that your little guy gets better very soon! That quote is so perfect, how is it that I feel like I always get a perfect quote from a Yogi to bag!? xo

Wini said...

Sorry to hear that you little one is sick and hope he gets well soon! Love the quote... it is so true!! I really like the crocheted doily with the red flowers in your first pic. Did you make it? I'm in LOVE with your vintage quilt! What great colour Inspiration!!! Wini xo

Kolleen said...

hope all are on the mend in your home!
dig the quote in your tea....wonderful reminder!!!

i am always loving your inspirational throw!!!



AG Ambroult said... crazy that you got that yogi tea message!
We've had a string of illnesses over the past few weeks that have kept me away fom my shop and bootlegs to foo long. But eventually i found my way back, just as i know you did too.
That crochet throw is awesome! Did yo inherit that or find it at a thrift shop?