Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Thriving Artists Project

Earlier this year I won a year long membership to The Thriving Artist's Project.
It has been so great. I have listened to great interviews by people such as Flora Bowley and Chris Guillebeau. I have asked tons of questions and had them answered. Melissa (the founder) has been very informative and open.  I have learned tons! So please read on as Melissa Dinwiddie, the founder of The Thriving Artist's Project gives the scoop.

1. For everyone who doesn't already know, what is The Thriving Artist's Project?

The Thriving Artists Project is my gift to everyone out there who wants to deprogram themselves of the "starving artist" mentality and learn to thrive. It's an online course built around interviews with artists and creatives of all stripes who make their living from their creative thing. 

One of the things artists lack is role models -- the pervasive idea out there is that artists can't possibly make money, even that they shouldn't make money from their art! I've brought together real-life stories from people who prove this idea wrong, and I've combined it with lessons, a member forum, and monthly coaching calls, to inspire creative people and help empower them to turn their gifts into a thriving business.

2. Can you share with us your background and why you started The Thriving Artist's Project?

I've been a working artist for over 15 years, but it took years of trial and error for me to figure out how to make a real living from my art. At some point I realized that even when I was paying all my bills from my art, I had limiting beliefs that kept me from achieving the kind of thriving success I really wanted. In fact, the "glass ceiling" that I'd installed over my own head kept me from even allowing myself to envision the kind of success that I was capable of!

In 2010 I went through a series of personal crises, and decided that it was time to bust that old thinking for good. I set out to talk with artists who were living their own thriving lives, to learn their secrets, to inspire myself and other artists to go after our dreams in a big way too.

Most artists are really lacking in business skills and knowledge, so I decided to include lessons in business and marketing basics, to provide a basic "tool set" that any business person would need, but from the unique perspective of an artist. In addition, I wanted to include a community element -- artists so frequently work in isolation, and having other people to support and encourage you is so important! I created a safe online space for members to interact, and also do monthly Q&A/Coaching calls, plus periodic seminars with guest experts, to keep everyone inspired and motivated and moving forward toward their dreams and goals.

3. I know you believe that "thriving" can mean a few different things. Can you share a few ways in which an artist can THRIVE?

Such a great question, Dana! The definition of thriving is going to be different for everyone, but there are some fundamentals. It certainly includes having the resources -- financial and otherwise -- to sustain yourself, but it's more than that. Thriving means being connected with your creativity; being in alignment with your true, authentic self; knowing your unique gifts and being able to share them with the world. It means being empowered to make the kind of impact you yearn for. It means tapping into the source of your energy and power, and channeling it to accomplish your deepest desires.

4. If anyone wants to join The Thriving Artist's Project how can they sign up?

Head on over to You can read lots more info there, and even sign up for a free sneak peek inside to see if it's right for you. To sign up, just click the "join" button and I'll see you inside!
Thank you Melissa for your time. Here is to THRIVING!

Thanks for the great questions, Dana! 


Catherine Denton said...

I already love the name! What a creative and inspiring idea. I'm looking forward to checking it out. Thank you!
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AG Ambroult said...

this is awesome. I hadn't heard of that (or if you wrote about it previously, I must have forgotten)
Sounds like a resource I could really gain from. I'm going to look into it.

Wini said...

Hi Dana, Congrats on winning the membership! It sounds great. I am going to check it out. Wini