Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween + A wreath + A day off

Halloween came and went. The weather turned from cloudy to rain so we loaded the kids into the car and drove to the mall for trick or treating. They really had a great time. It was safe and dry. The costumes went over well. Even though the train was alot of work and a bit frustrating it was really fun to make and it looked great. After a couple of falls on the trains face (bottom photo) we did a couple of adjustments and my son did great walking around. My daughter loved being a clown. It was so cute. I don't know what they will want to be next year but I better start early.
So mixed in with the blue paint and cardboard I managed to make a wreath. I am going to list it in the shop on Monday. It is a mix of assorted papers with white felt accents. It was alot of fun making this. I already have the next one going in my mind.

So Sunday came and my husband heard my plea for a day off. He took our kids out in the morning for 2+ hours. I didn't do a single thing I had to do. I stepped over the toys, ignored the laundry and neglected the crumbs. This is what I did instead:
-took a long, hot shower
- breathed deeply
- took photos
-took a walk to the local bakery for fresh rolls

Then in the afternoon I drove over this
to go here. Once there I went to this art store and for a cup o joe here.

I bought some new art supplies (really had to restrain myself), enjoyed my hot coffee and just sat.
This is so important to me and to anyone who is a caregiver. It helps me to be a better mom. I came home and gave my kids and husband a big hug and kiss.

I am going to come back soon with some thoughts on the e-course (it wrapped up on Thursday) and then take a short blog break. I want to be in create mode with my wreaths. I want to finish the winter inspiration board I started and work on my Art Book. I am going to get going on the making/buying of x-mas gifts and just focus. I hope your weekend was relaxing, joyful and of course creative!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I was pleasantly surprised the other day to learn I won a give away on Jacqueline's blog. A super cute spoon. Go check out her blog!


Louise Gale said...

hi Dana, i LOVE the Halloween costumes, what a shame about the weather. :-( but sounds like fun was had by all.. i adore the wreath and im with you at the moment with the need to concentrate on creating... where does all the time go! Have a lovely time and week and chat soon. :-)

Michele at A House Called Nut said...

The wreath is gorgeous! I really like the mixture of textures--who knew an all-white wreath could be so interesting? Really looking forward to seeing the other colors!

Dana Barbieri said...

Louise- Thanks so much. We really need a few extra hours in the day!

Dana Barbieri said...

Michele- Thanks so much. I made an all white one awhile ago and I was tempted to paint it but then I began to love the all white. Who knew?

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Dana, I'm so glad you got some time to recharge and feel inspired! I know how draining it can be when I'm supporting others and forget to support myself... And the costumes turned out fantastically!

I hope you enjoy your break from blogging and that you get to focus on being creative! Hope you'll post a note when the wreaths are available in your shop though?


Beautiful!!I like it very much!