Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday How To: Paper Pom Poms

I began last night wrapping gifts for my mom's advent gift bag. I still have SO many things to come up with for gifts. Anyway, she loves aqua and teal so I decided to embellish the gifts using these colors. Along with white and silver. So here is a quick and easy how to on making these paper pom poms. Alternatively, you could make some paper flowers which I guess these resemble anyway. :)
What you will need:
-Various papers cut into different sized circles. There isn't an exact size to use. If your gift is large maybe use a bigger circle and for a small one go smaller. You might want to use a circle cutter or a punch. I don't. I just trace around various objects and cut out. If you use coffee filters it is easy since they are already a circle shape.
-An awl ( or some other tool to make a hole)
-Scissors ( for cutting the ribbon and circles)
Optional: Paint/Dye. I wanted to make the colors very specific so I painted some of my paper. I used Luma liquid watercolors. I am sad to say after I googled Luma I have learned they have since gone out of business. There may be something similar out there. I don't know. I also used acrylic paint. Play around with any and all paint/paper combos.

How to: So once your papers are dried and cut, etc. You poke a hole through the center with an awl. I used 5-6 circles. You can do more. I then cut an approximately 10-12" piece of ribbon and thread it through the holes. I left a small tail at the top and tied a knot to keep secure. I then tied another knot underneath to secure. Next, take your scissors and start cutting into your circle, towards the center. I don't go too close to the center. You can play with it though. When you are done fluff them by separating a bit. Tie or tape onto your gift.

Here are some papers that are dyed and painted and drying. These are coffee filters and card stock. I squished the dye around and added some silver acrylic paint to a few.

Gifts ready for giving!


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Gosh, SO beautiful! And what a helpful tutorial!

I love the different paper qualities, how they create so much texture, so much subtleties!

I have to also say that these aquas are wonderful, the brilliant, crisp and clear turquoises you have on your palette!

Louise Gale said...

Hiya great! Love the aquas too...so soothing and i just love the paper pomm pomms... reminds me of my last trip home back to the UK when i sat and made pink paper pomm pomms with my god daughter :-)

jacqueline said...

Oh Dana this is a wonderful tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful thanksgiving. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspirational, loving and supportive friend! Love to you!