Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Butterfly Dream"-20"x30" Acrylic on canvas

I have been thinking alot about dreams lately. It may be because Dream Boogie with Sark is about to end and all of the wonderful words of wisdom she has given are swirling around in my head. I don't know.

Dreams are always important. Especially on the days that they don't seem possible. 

Some of the little nuggets on dreams that Sark has passed along.....

- Delight yourself first and in doing so you will delight others.
-We are all in stages of being stuck and feeling resistance to our dreams. KEEP MOVING!
-Living your dream should allow you to live a great life as well. Our dreams are made to fit into our actual lives.
-If you live your dream who else will be able to live theirs?
-Support is key.
-What makes you feel real joy? 
Does your answer surprise you?
Are you making time for more of this in your life?

Dreams LOVE joy!  Make time for more!

I have really enjoyed all that Sark has taught. It has taught me alot about myself and my dreams. It has made some things feel uncomfortable and hard to face but it also made that o.k. The amount of information and support given is huge and I appreciate all she has done.


Jen said...

LOVE the butterfly painting too!

Jen said...

Good advice! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I laughed to look at your blog roll because I saw a bunch that I follow too. Definitely things in common!!! I've never done an online class but am really excited about the flying lessons. Thanks again for commenting and introducing yourself. This is going to be lots of fun isn't it?

Lilli boo said...

Hi Dana, Thank you too for dropping by and introducing yourself. I am busy but also make time (like now) with my two eldest both at School & Childcare, to be able to have some time to do things for's invaluable. So looking forward to this course. Love your paintings too, your buttefly canvas is beautiful...

Shalet said...

Great butterflies! Love all the color!

Louise Gale said...

Love the butterflies and that you have been enjoying SARK too. Hope you are having a fabulous long weekend with your family xxx

Anonymous said...

Love this painting!! Very sweet and completely speaks to me of springtime.

The Blue Ridge Gal