Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A vintage milk bottle graphic, number 2 on an old crock, my Paperchase notebook that I love, a vintage Stangl plate.

Sometimes inspiration is so elusive and other times it is all over the place. Sometimes things that are always with you can sometimes appear inspiring. I guess it just comes down to your frame of mind. If you are open to inspiration it will come. Here a few things that I have been feeling a bit inspired by.

-I love the old milk bottle and the orange is great. I put fresh flowers in it quite a bit.
-The number 2 is from an old stoneware crock that had belonged to my husband's grandfather. Looks similar to this one. I have no idea what to put in it but I love it!
-My small kraft paper sketchbook from Paperchase. I love the dots!
-My vintage plate from Stangl. Love the colors and graphics!

The weather here has suddenly turned very warm! We have been outside alot. It is hard to be in when the feeling of summer hits.

I have been playing (with paint and gesso) and stretching (canvases). I am getting very excited for Sunday when Flying Lessons start. And I signed up for this entirely free e-course. Creativity Boot Camp. It runs two weeks and you work in one medium. Starts June 8.

I wish you all a very happy week!



AG Ambroult said...

free e-course? sweet! The image with the title at the top is a beautiful way to present those photos. Love it! And it's true, how we get so glazed over when it comes to the things right under our nose. I threw a big party last year and lots of people came and were loving my house and the stuff in it. I was so surprised, because I forgot about the special things we see every day.

Shona Cole said...

those photos are beautiful. i need to have a go at that, taking home pics and putting them together. the green band along the top brings it all together, nice touch. thanks for the inspiration.

Regina said...

I love all of your little snippets of inspiration.

Flying lessons: I am so excited too!

Thanks for the link for the creativity boot camp. Looks fun!

Kolleen said...

thank you for sharing all your sweet inspiration with us!!

i am really loving that milk bottle....i can picture pretty daisies snuggled safely inside!!!

i will be flying with you come Sunday!!!! YAY!!!!!

happy wednesday....so happy you are enjoying your warm weather!!