Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Works in progress

 Sketchbook page, watercolor and pencil

Do you ever have so many ideas that you wish you could connect a printer to your brain? I do. It isn't always that way and I guess it occurs in a creative high. I watched this 20 minute video on fostering creativity from
Maegan Beishline she talks about managing your creative cycle. The highs and lows we all go through and ways to keep the lows from going so low. She is super sweet!

A painting I am working on based on the above sketchbook page. I am not sure where I am going to go with it.

Another painting in progress. Changing a bit.

Trying to take my 3D paper flower wreaths into a 2D collage. Also, some cut paper collages in progress.

The 2D flowers up close.

Letting the light shine through.


Kate England said...

You really are on fire, Dana! Your creativity is infectious and deeply inspiring! Love the mix of different papers and the touch with painted transparent plastic!

Maegan Beishline said...

All your works in progress look amazing! I would definitely say you're in a creative high! And you can absolutely have those times where you feel like you need to get all your ideas out immediately. Thanks so much for the shout out! Your blog is lovely!

Mousy Brown said...

I LOVE that last image - with the sunlight - it is so beautiful and makes me feel so happy looking at it! I am so glad that your energy and inspiration are so buzzing at the moment - thanks for sharing a bit of it with us :D

Louise Gale said...

I love all of these, especially the line shinging through....gorgeous. So great to see you inspired and creating some fabulous things....i know what you mean with your brain connecting to a printer...although i have to write everything down as my head just runs out of ink often! Keep the brilliant artwork coming. oh and you won the giveaway on my First Friday Find & giveaway post. Ill get the print out to you this week. woohoo! xxx

Kolleen said...

love love love all of your new creations!!!

and i am so grateful you posted about this video....i have to go watch it right now!!!

sometimes i feel like my head could pop....too much going on in there and no way of organizing it...feels that way anyway!!!

happy day to you!

jacqueline said...

Oh dana, you are such an inspiration! I love love the mix of different colors of papers and paint you use! Thanks for sharing your work in progress with us! It's always wonderful to have a peek! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

AG Ambroult said...

oh!oh!oh! I love where you are going with those 2-d collages. And the color palette for the painting/sketches are...I want to say pleasing but that just sounds silly. Anyway, I'm liking the combination. ;)
And thanks for that link. You are my inspiring links go to woman, for sure!

C a r i s s a said...

Dana, i LOVE your newest creations! they're so soft and lovely. thanks for sharing this video too... i need to relax in my sea of creativity (especially my down-times!) xoxo