Monday, December 28, 2009

If you celebrated I hope your Christmas was great. Ours was. We indulged in lots of food and play. We enjoyed our time with family so much. They were all so generous and they are really appreciated!

My parents did the nicest thing for me. They took my piece that was published in Somerset Studio magazine last year and had it framed. It was so sweet. My mom even crocheted a beautiful granny square blanket for me too!

My husband gave me two new sketch books and a great book by SARK (among other things). There were many other wonderful and thoughtful gifts and I feel so thankful.

The new toys are being loved by all and we are slowly easing back into a normal routine. My son is off for holiday break so we are hoping to go sledding.

Just before Christmas I read this post started in the Etsy message boards by Etsy seller soapdeli. I just read the first few comments (need to go and read the rest) but I learned that you can purchase a domain name and have it directed to your blog. I love when people are so open and share useful info. I am really still in the upside of the learning curve with blogging, marketing, etc. so when I come across a nugget of useful info it makes be so happy. So now the address for this blog is It still works with the blogspot address as well.

I will be back soon to show you what I have been working on.


Wini said...

Hi Dana, So lovely to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the framed gift that your parents gave you. Congrats on your new blog address! Wishing you a fun filled year of creativity and learning in 2010! Look forward to continuing to share your journey :)

Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Congratulations on your new domain!!!!!!!!!!! Woooohooo! :)

I also enjoyed reading about your Christmas presents, so thoughtful and imaginative, so charged with love!